You Tube consists of videos. Moreover or less, we only have to give a brief description for each video that is posted on You Tube. Many You Tubers from the world have been able to get many views for their videos. Such videos have been created in many ways. Some people make use of music. This is where by they only want to post music videos in their channels only, but not any other type of video. This brings us to specialization aspect of You Tubing.

Their videos do not include many people or participants. Some even participate alone as long as there is some music that will play in the video. This is my new mainly by young girls or ladies. Ladies are rarely involved in creation of personal/ individuals scientific and technological video content.

To have the most lucrative content, one has to create in the first place. This is done by collecting for the equipment and resources necessary for creating the work. This starts from electronic devices, like the camera, smart phones, stands microphones and laptops. This is focusing mainly on people who like recording themselves to create individual and affordable content.

There are many types recordings that could be made in this perspective. Such include wildlife, dancing in a private room, experiments in a laboratory, discs installations, game plays, kitchen work among many others.
To come up with a simple, interesting and lucrative video content, try for example to make one game play that is not so long.

This is done by first visiting your most favorite Store. You can be using Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Store. From Google Play Store, it is very easy and simple. Just login to your Gmail account and then move to Google Play Store from your smart phone or tablet. On the search bar, type Screen Recorders and search.

This takes a short time before a long list of screen recorders is produced. Carefully look and review the apps rating yourself and see which one will work the best. Go ahead and download one Screen Recorder, such as DU Screen Recorder and install it. This is an app that rarely fails many users. It is short and small but helps the user to record even very long game plays.

Open the DU Screen Recorder application you have just installed on your device, followed by Clicking the Start Button. The recording process begins and shows on the screen. Time in seconds counts, and therefore this require you to click on the home button on your Tablet or Smart Phone. Secondly, open any of the Asphalt Games that is available on your device, by click on the icon to launch the game. Start by your most favorite level, and choose the best car that is going to drive at a winning speed.

Make any adjustments at the Gameloft Garage, where by you will have several options to do tuning, purchase tanks and gas, exchange the various parts of the car such as wheels, braking system and also paint the vehicle with your most favorite colour of your choice. Music plays, which we usually call the sound track of the game before racing begins.

To make the best game play, the player is supposed to observe the racing rules, maintain the racing speed and avoid wrecking. This helps the player to keep time and avoid being overtaken by the opponents. Such are the factors that one has to carefully put in place to make a simple, interesting and lucrative video content for a game play.



You Tube is a money making website in the world with more than 500 million users. About how this company pays people is all about advertisements and placement of those ads on the You Tube Channels. Therefore, You Tubers have to enable monetization, which involves four steps before being accepted.

These are the steps that users have to carefully observe under the You Tube Partner Program ( YPP ). For monetization, there is possibility of being paid some good ransomed of dollars by You Tube. This is otherwise does not take place when videos are not monetized, inspire of having a huge traffic of 1 BILLION views.


With the Cost Per Click ( CPC ) ads, there would be generation of $600 per 1000 views. In this case, these are the advertisements which can only be clicked in the first place to be viewed in a different web address. They are displayed across the You Tube videos when monetization has been enabled. These ads when clicked viewers who have subscribed into channels create some revenue with time, and the progress is displayed on the users Ad Sense account.

Each click contributes to ( 600 ÷ 1000 ) $ , which is equal to $0.6 per click. We could divide the 1 billion views to 20 videos based on assumption, so that each video would have 50, 000, 000 views. For each video, if we assume every viewer clicked on the advertisements, there would be $( 50,000,000 × 0.6 ) which is equal to $30, 000, 000. If about 30% of viewers clicked the advertisements, this implies that the total number of views do not equate to the same amount of revenue.

In this situation, the revenue is not calculated as $(1000,000,000 × 0.6), but 30% of the total revenue which would been possibly created per 50,000,000 views. This implies that a total of (30% × 50,000,000) of revenue would been made, giving us $15,000,000. On average, therefore, there should be generation of ($15,000,000 + $30,000,000) ÷ 2. This results to $22,500,000.


With the Cost Per Mile Advertisements, the ( CPM ) , the ads are displayed in form of videos, and this therefore implies to us that the revenue for each ad is likely to be higher than the Cost Per Click advertisement. The video ad comes in place after monetization of the You Tube channel, to bring a revenue of an unknown value.

This value can be any, since the probability to view the advertisement varies leading to unequal number of views for the advertisements. The ads keep changing, but the viewing if the ads must contribute to some revenue. Let say that a video had an ad of the Cost Per Mile Type. This ad may emerge as a High Definition video, that is, of a high resolution, and going to up to 10 minutes.

This video ad across a You Tube video with 1 billion views must charge the viewers a revenue of about $ 10, if viewed completely for the whole 10 minutes. If viewed for 3 minutes on average, this leads to creation of (3/10 * $10) revenue, which is equal to $3.00. Therefore the first value is $( 10× 1,000,000,00) giving us $10,000,000,000.

The second value is $(3.00 × 1,000,000,000) giving us $3,000,000,000. Let us get the average revenue which is equal to $6,500,000,000. The revenue would therefore be varying between 6.5% of 10,000,000,000 to $6,500,000,000. This is between $650,000,000 and $6,500,000,000. Then take ($650,000,000 + $6,500,000,000)/2, giving us $3575000000.


How to easily achieve the You Tube 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for a review.

For many people, this has proved to be a challenge, for the newly upcoming You Tubers. This is because the monetization rules have been made so tight that only after having 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers will ads been opened up and released. Many people definitely have to become very wise and think of hitting the target they would like to have. These limits have been given within the first 12 months.

Therefore, it is neither within 2 or 3 years, but only within 365 days where the achievement is required and supposed to take place. Otherwise, making money within the You Tube Partner Program is not going to be any easy at all. 4000 watch hours, which is equal to (4000 × 60 ) minutes, 1000 subscribers in 365 days. This gives us 240,000 minutes and 1000 subscribers, for one year. If we divide these for one day, we must have a watch time of 658 minutes.

This is the same as 11 watch hours of the You Channel content. Besides that, there must be a way of getting more subscribes into the channel until the given target is reached. In one year, this is a great a challenge for a newly created You Tube Channel. It is going to be costly to make the achievements. Therefore, one can decide to make use of a typical studio system. This is one which consists of controlled automatic viewing technique.

11 watch hours in a day imply that 47% of the year has to be critically spent on watch the You Tube Channel to achieve the 240,000 minutes. I would prefer making use of about 10 Smart Phones or Smart Screens with a 4G LTE internet connection, which would simultaneously play the You Tube Videos. Long Term Evolution is a very fast internet, compared to playing using the High Speed Packet Access ( HSPA ), also know as 3.75G, hence no buffering.

These would play a 20 minutes video and there 10 times. These are the first 200 watch minutes. This is done thrice , giving us a total watch time of 600 minutes for the first day. Looking at this method, we have just simplified the initial big 11 watch hours into something less, like 1 hour. Therefore, if the watching goes one for the next 3 hours, we would have created ( 3 × 10 × 3) views. This as the same as 90 views with 10 smart Screens. Total watch times here goes up to 1800 watch minutes. For more subscribes, it would not cost even more than $ 200 to access premium service in which the subscribers are sold and delivered into the You Tube Channel.

Otherwise, we would spend less to get views too. Make a deposit of about $100 into PayPal account and search for You Tube Views for sales or ( buy real you tube subscribers ) , from where you will make an online order of enough subscribers who are going to be delivered directly into your You Tube Channel via the correct link you provided. There, you would have had an alternative method of achieving 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers by $ 300 expense. For there, huge revenue generation is much easily done using the smart devices to create huge views. Making 1800 watch minutes is a simple but brilliant technique to have a strong traffic with a Personal Local Area Network.

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