There are millions of You Tube Partners in the world, who have found the company very helpful and sustaining. Due to people’s susceptibility to being broke, a You Tube Partner Program ( YPP ) was created to help make money for You Tube users.

As many people know that blogs and websites are online platforms for writing, how would they have been created in the first place? I once used ( ) and ( ) and spent some money to learn certain features and how they would work properly online, by trying to write codes and follow instructions from the both websites.

To have a fully developed website from companies in the world, it obviously starts from a blog to a business website with awesome features. Such are as payment buttons, monetization of the website and modification with many web designing techniques like Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ), Hypertext Mark-Up Language ( HTML ) and JavaScriptt.


For a good website, files must be easily accessible and properly stored in the web servers. These files are in form of music, videos, photographs and screenshots. How would we make it possible to store a game by making an upload ?


Therefore this implies that reproducing such work is not acceptable. Any work created by an expert blogger must have a copyright insisting against external viewers who want market such work.


The ability to advertise a product or personal videos is also considered very seriously. The views and reaches are all proportional to each other and independent of the memberships into any commercial website by different customers across the world. Video content is carefully regulated to ensure that it goes by the community guidelines. Any post created on the website should be therefore be limited to the public to avoid excessive access to harassment. This is currently working under the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) .


Users are enabled to do auto correct by clicking on the top of keyboards texts suggested as correct. These are saved automatically to post it into a blog. Hate speech is therefore detected easily. This is easily seen when there are possibilities of conflicts and ideological differences between people or parties.


Blogs and websites vary in terms of cloud spaces provided by companies and experienced programmers. Blog posts are made of texts, pictures, videos, mp3 and mp4 to mention few of them. The texts occupy less space, than pictures and videos. Music files and videos also must properly fit into the blogs. One challenge is that upon upgrading to a website and both premium to business, it very easy to lose data initially posted to a blog. Writers have to input the data using devices such as laptops and smart phones. The data is their ideas, opinions, knowledge, and physical notes. These can include even thousands of pages with fully written information about a particular subject. These include Microsoft Office (MS) documentations which have been done on paperwork, found in the library. Such have to fully utilize the very much and large cloud spaces and the so said unlimited storages, which have been interconnected via networks to powerful engines like the Google, and Yahoo. There are very many advantages and benefits from WordPress and Wix blogging companies.


Live streams and streams have only taken place in the presence of internet and network. The are such as 3.75 G or H+ referring to HSPA, Enhanced High Speed Packet Access, or the 4G for LTE, Long Term Evolution which have an average speed of up to 65 Mbps, (65 Megabits per second) These represent the download link and upload links too . Without such, you tubing becomes very difficult.


What is You Tube Partner Program (YPP) ?

This is a agreement between You Tube and its users on how to earn money by having A You Tube Channel with enabled monetization. It works on a ratio of 45% and 55%. The You Tube Partner Program pays out the You Tube Channel owners who have been permitted to monetize videos a 55% of revenue earned from their videos. Of all the earning, You Tube Company or the Company providing all services and holistic support to do everything, including help and links, makes only 45% of the revenue from each any every user of You Tube.

The You Partner Program does not allow users to do monetization of videos when the Terms and Conditions have been violated by any of the user. This happens in the case when a user has uploaded video which contains content that breaches against all the community and guidelines that have been put in place under the rightful terms and conditions of the You Tube. Monetization of videos means placing advertisements on videos uploaded by the user, so that for every view count of the advertisement or click by the viewers, there is a Cost Per Mile (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC) respectively. These collectively makes the revenue for each of the video with the advertisements.

Placement of advertisements on the video only comes successfully after the monetization has been enabled by You Tube LLC, with all Terms and Conditions rightfully met and not breach against the Community Guidelines. The user must also request for an Ad Sense account in which there is provision of statistics for every upload, referring to to the revenues created from advertisements placed on an upload.

Ad Sense is the one which contains all the amount of revenue from each video on a You Tube Channel and therefore the user is required to withdraw their awarded payments from it, not from anywhere else. Before signing up for an ad sense account, the user must choose the preference of ads to place on their rightful videos.
There very many types of ads provided from the ad sense and such are only provided in form of a code for each ad, that is wisely pasted to create the ad.

However, since the placement of codes to form a working ad is difficult to many of the users and cumbersome too, You Tube Company automatically gives ads to users who have undergone a review for their channels and qualified for ads.

To qualify, the channel is supposed to have a period of 4000 watch hours and more, and 1000 subscribers in one year or 365 days. With these, have met the You Tube guidelines, advertisements are automatically placed on the videos when users have accepted to put monetization on.

The You Tube Partner program is a motivation for millions of people using the You Tube to make money from it. There might not be a limit to earning revenue from You Tube when videos have been monetized and active subscribers viewing the videos.

1) Cost Per Click ads ( CPC )

These are the You Tube ads which produce revenue based on clicks by viewers. Such ads are position across the videos and appear as many as they would. Sources of ads are very many, just as there are many companies, partnerships, corporates, enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ), websites, blogs and politics too.

If they come as Cost Per Click type, viewers of videos on the monetized channels click to get reach to some information. Such is not guaranteed for 100% of ads to be clicked by every viewer. However, such ads also contribute to revenue. They are simple ads but as many as they are, the revenue arises.

Cost Per Click refers to the amount of dollars that would be generated proportional to the cost of advertising by the companies or individuals on You Tube. The revenue of viewing the ad after a click never exceeds the cost of advertising by the advertiser. The greatest advantage of the ads comes in from the competition that exists in advertising of products, services such as education, finance and entertainment.

Services are such as education like when there is a PHP tuition about programming, entertainment like Cartoons, Action Gaming, Hospitality such as hotels and restaurants during festive seasons, while products include mobile apps like the Tala by the Inventure Limited, personal ads and much more. This revenue is displayed in the personal ad sense accounts privately everyday when the watch time increases. The users are also very sound off of payment dates of each and every month, which is commonly 15th of every month, and does not easily change.

2) Cost Per Mile ( CPM ).

The Cost Per Mile would refer to a video type of ad on You Tube. This ad is created by promoting content that is required to reach a certain quality of audience across the online world. The bigger the view of the ad, since it might be very enjoyable to watch, interesting, comic, educative, encouraging or comforting, and entertaining, the higher the Cost of the ad against the viewers who are in turn charged a considerable amount of revenue. The watch of ads gives the rate at which the You Tuber will be accredited into the Ad Sense account. Similarly like the CPC ads, the advertiser has already put in place enough expense of the ads.

For example, if Toyota was competing against BMW to reach at least 10,000,000 million people in the United States of America, Africa and Middle East, it would take the Toyota to increase the good amount of dollars to keep their promotion for more that 3 days. This ad is not enough however much it may seem to spend approximately $30,000 since there also BMW in the same social media, besides other automobile companies.

Advertising is usually every body’s hobby since the are in the aim of creating a good impression of their social media accounts also, like Instagram and Facebook. Their links are pasted on You Tube at the video’s brief information. First, it would be about targeting at the probable profit from sale of products in the market, but building of the social networks also matters a lot in the advertising. Some people would also have an intention to increase Instagram followers.
Therefore, these ads created the best revenue.

For example, an ad that went for about 3 minutes watch time by a viewer, it charge an expense of $0.15. For more that 100000 or let’s say, 1,000,000 views, this would create a revenue of $150,000 to the You Tuber. The total revenue is given the name Cost Per Mile. This is very crucial when it comes to promoting a product to a new incredible success in the world. The product easily conquers the competition against others.

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